Privacy Policy


Important:  Your Parallel Profile™ is Confidential.  You decide who sees your Profile.  We will not share anything identifying you with anyone.  Only you can share access to your Profile.  Typically, people may share their results with their personal physician(s), a knowledgeable friend, family member(s), patient advocate, or caregiver.

Parallel Testing Inc. Privacy Statement

The purpose of this notice is to explain to customers considering or utilizing the Parallel Testing Inc. website, data, report, and services, regarding how your personal information may be utilized and disclosed.  It also explains how you can get access to this information, which you should review carefully.

The following Privacy Statement explains how Parallel obtains, utilizes, maintains and releases information you may provide to us.  It also explains your opportunity and right regarding our use of, and your ability to correct any errors in that information. By using our website, data, report, or services, you acknowledge your agreement to the terms of service.

Information We Collect

When you use our website, data, report or services, we will collect and store certain personal information which may identify you or may be linked to your identity and other information.  Such information may include account information and personal information (height, weight, gender, date of birth, etc.), genetic information, health information, data from tests, drug/medicine response, information regarding actual or potential drug interactions, contraindications, and potential relationships and conflicts with other drugs, vitamins, supplements, food, alcohol, etc., and non-personal information (browser types, web page views, any personal contact notes and information), and other information as may be requested and supplied.  In addition, we may use cookies and technology to collect additional information.

How Parallel May Use Your Information And Choices  

Parallel may collect and use your information, and may use all or part of that information in order to provide our services to you.

Parallel utilizes one of several highly skilled, qualified, and CLIA supervised labs, in order to provide data, reports, as well as the unique Parallel Profile™ that you may have ordered or may be ordering.  

Our testing labs may collect more genetic (genotype) information than is necessary or needed to complete the genomic report ordered.  

Third party service providers may have access to and use account information, survey-based information, and other customer provided information to assist us in delivering our services to you. Parallel-authorized physicians, genetic counselors and their agents may also have access to information in order to fulfill their responsibilities.

You will be unable to opt-out from transactional communications that are essential to delivering our services to you.

We may analyze and use aggregate information (unlinked from your name or account information, and online profile information (including your computer IP address and non-personal information) to track and monitor aggregate usage of our website and to improve the quality and features of our website and services. You can elect to delete cookies.

We use your account information, genetic information, and survey-based information to offer products and services to you. In this case, we maintain control of your personal information.

Restrictions On Sharing Your Information And Your Choices

Parallel will NOT share any genetic information or personal information with your employer or your health insurance issuer.

Certain information will be disclosed to the ordering physician, who determines at his/her discretion whether to release the results and your Parallel Profile™ to you and any physicians you indicate, and Parallel will not release information to anyone else unless required by law.  

We may use your information which will either not include your name or contact information, or DNA information will be encrypted for internal operations purposes, marked only with a secured unique identification number, along with other genetic Information, survey-based Information, and other information to validate genetic information, improve report quality, develop new genetic reports and/or services (while not publishing the results in scientific literature), explain what customers may learn from our reports, improve the quality and features of our website and services, and produce data for product approval or clearance by FDA or other regulatory authority or body.

We may contact you and give you the opportunity to opt-in or refuse before any personal information is shared for any secondary purpose outside our immediate control, including published scientific research. We also may pass on to you a research collaborator's request that you volunteer additional information or participate in a study, which would not be shared without your express consent.

Where required by regulation or law, court order, or other legal or judicial process, we may be required or elect to disclose or report your personal information, or cooperate with law enforcement or regulators in order to resolve consumer disputes.

Should the Company enter into a merger, acquisition, or sell assets, we will require all participating entities to comply with the material provisions of our privacy policy upon entering into such business transaction.

Exercising Your Choices

To the extent permitted, you may opt-out by either unsubscribing of any of our emails, or writing to us per the Contact Us section.  You may opt-in when offered this choice.

Accessing And Updating Information

If your Information changes you can log into your account and make the appropriate changes. Should you request in writing, we will use our best efforts to have your genetic material destroyed and/or your Account removed from our systems. However we are required by law and standards of medical practice to preserve some medical records and contact information. Some archived or aggregated information cannot be deleted, however is protected by encryption. Parallel may deny access if such access would have an unfair impact on others, or to protect the rights and property of the Company.

Storage And Information Protection

The Company employs various security measures to protect personal information, however no single method of internet transmission or electronic can be 100% secure. While we use appropriate means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its total security.


We may collect personal information from minors, however parent or guardian consent is required.  In addition, we do not knowingly market products or services to children under 18.

California Privacy Rights

Customers in California may request, in writing, a listing of the personal information categories which may be disclosed to third parties for direct marketing and those receiving such information.  

Changes To This Privacy Statement

Any material changes to this Privacy Statement that would unfavorably affect you will be posted on our website at least thirty (30) days before their effective date.

Complaints, Questions Or Comments

If you have any comments or questions regarding our privacy practices or have a complaint, you may contact us either by mail or email:  Parallel Testing Inc., 980 North Federal Highway, Suite 110, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, or

If we are unable to reasonably resolve any complaint to your satisfaction, you may also file a complaint with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Company will take no retaliatory action against you for filing such a complaint.