Parallel Profile™ ADHD Medications DNA Test

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A lot of ADHD medications don’t work well for a lot of people because of their genetics

Find out which ADHD medications best match your DNA

How ADHD Parallel Profile™ Can Help

With the Parallel Profile™ you will know how you or your child will responds to various ADHD medications. There are a number of options available and which one will be the safest and most effective will vary based on your or your child’s  individual genetics. Even if you have been taking a ADHD medication for awhile, you may find an alternative that gives you better results. With Parallel Profile, your physician will also have more information to help him find you the optimal dose, without trial and error.

Drugs used to treat ADHD that are tested in your ADHD Parallel Profile™ include:
Which ADHD Medicine is Best

It depends on your diagnosis, other conditions, the other drugs you may be taking, and your genetics which one will work best for you or your child. Most Americans have at least one genetic variant that determines how they will be affected by a medication. Some people have many. The Parallel Profile will let you and your personal physician know if your body will respond normally, not be able to get any benefit, or not be able to safely handle each of these ADHD medications.

How your body utilizes a medication can affect the side effects you’ll experience—including more serious and rare side effects that other people won’t have. Your Parallel Profile will alert you to the side effects to watch for and also give you important safety information about how each of these drugs interact with other medications and alcohol.

350 people die everyday from an unexpected adverse reaction to a prescription drug that is safe and effective for most people.

Match your Medications to your DNA and learn how to always take your medications safely.*