Knowing what medications
match your DNA
can save your life.

Parallel Profile™ will tell you which ones
can safely
 work for you.

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A medication has to be properly metabolized, absorbed and utilized in order to help you. How you will respond to a medication is as unique as your fingerprints. Millions of people are better off because of the miracle of a prescription medication…but not everyone.

Every day 350 Americans die and more than 7,400 are hospitalized, because of an unexpected adverse drug reaction (ADR).

That means that every 4 minutes, one American dies from an ADR.

That also means that every 12 seconds, one American is hospitalized with an ADR.

A Parallel Profile™ can save your life.


Here's why people are choosing Parallel Profile.

Instantly check to see if a medication can work safely for you, or if an alternative might be better


Speak with a Parallel Physician, specially trained in Pharmacogenetics (PGx)


More than 950 medications and alternatives


Easy to read reports, and confidential results, which you can share with your doctor


Get started with your personal Parallel Profile™ in minutes.
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Parallel Profile™
Matching your medications to your DNA

A Parallel Profile™ will tell you which medications can work safely for you.

"I could have saved myself a lot of suffering, and my loved ones horrific worry, if I’d known what medications were safe for me.”
— Sarah B.
"I thought if I had taken a pill for years that meant it was safe. It wasn’t."
—  Michael F.
"I was worried about taking another pill but, thanks to my Parallel Profile, I know what to avoid."
—  Lisa K.

A Parallel Profile™ can save your life.